Artist Statement

Laleh Javaheri’s work attempts to explore and re-interpret the intersections of the natural world, classical works of Persian literature and the complexities and interactions between parts and wholes.

Through the exploration of textures and colours of the uncommon and unfamiliar images of the natural world, she attempts to derive colours, textures and patterns. Her interest mainly lies in microscopic visions of cellular structures, large scale images of the earth’s terrain and the natural patterns that repeat in the micro and macro scales.

Laleh’s exploration of the natural patterns is supplemented by and interpretation of the classical literature and poetry of the Persian language, mainly the works of Attar, Rumi and Hafez. Her work attempts to identify and re interpret the concepts and themes expressed in the classical worlds of these works within the framework of contemporary form and language.

Her interest lies in producing objects of varied functionality and to cross the traditional boundaries of function and ornament. The materiality of her work intends to explore and re-express natural components, mainly fibres, metals and ceramics.